Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Can The Pens Win One?

I haven't posted in a few days...... I was a little hostile and afraid that I might take my anger at my beloved Pens and splatter it all over this blog.  I didn't really want to do that so I took a few days off to regroup, it worked for me so dear god please let these last few days off work for the Pens too!  There is a chance that they can still win this series, a slim slim chance, but any chance is better than none.  They have come back from 3 games down before, although not to Philly and not without Malkin stepping up and scoring.  He hasn't scored in 12 playoff games.  12.  I just read that stat on Mark Maddens twitter feed.  I knew he hadn't scored this series, but I didn't realize how many playoff games he has been scoreless.  That stat really hurts.  We need the leagues leading point scorer to step up and SCORE!  I feel like I should take the opportunity to say that our defense has hopefully also arrived in Philly.  I think they got lost along the way because they certainly were not on the ice last game.

I am not a Marc-Andre Fleury fan, thats not a newsflash or anything so I would love to blame him for the insane amount of goals Philly has scored but I can't.  Oh I know I can blame a few on him, believe me hes not innocent in these debacle games.  He just isn't 100% to blame either.  At some point someone has to step up and help him out.  Maybe playing a thousand regular season games in goal isn't looking like such a great idea anymore, maybe Fleury is tired, maybe Bylsma is regretting that decision.... maybe not.  Maybe Disco Dan is going to come out tonight with the exact same game plan he has used for the last 3 games..... I hope thats not the case and some adjustments were made..... I guess I will just have to start pacing and impatiently waiting for this game.  I'm optimistic about tonight though..... LETS GO PENS!!!

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