Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pirates Drop Opener 1-0

The Pirates lost their Home Opener today to the Philadelphia Phillies, but in my eyes it wasn't a total loss.  First off we didn't hit well.... but how could we? I don't think any team would have hit well against Roy Halladay today.  The man was spot on.  As a matter of fact I would have liked to see Halladay finish out the game and collect the complete game, but that's neither here nor there.

I saw a few solid things from our Buccos today.  First and foremost they hung in there.  Erik Bedard came out and also threw a solid game.  It seemed to me like his control was solid, his speed was decent and he kept the Phillies from knocking the ball out of PNC Park.  He went 7 innings and didn't give up the traditional 6th inning circus that plagues Pirate pitchers.

Also saw Neil Walker make several great snags on defense up the middle of the infield.  He did exactly what needed done and backed up shortstop Clint Barmes on a few shots that just got past him.  As a matter of fact he followed one of those grabs with a fantastic throw to first to get the runner out.

I noticed a few things I wasn't extremely happy with either but since I am feeling positive today I will leave those for another post.

Overall I think it was a solid start for the Pirates, would I have loved to see the win.... YES! But for now I will enjoy the fact that we played solid baseball.

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