Thursday, March 29, 2012

Can The Pirates Finish Over 500?

I was sitting here this morning reading all the current happenings in the Pirates world and got to thinking about whether or not they have a legit chance at ending the insanely long losing streak they are on.  I have been saying they will, as a matter of fact I posted it in a previous post on here, but the last few days I haven't been so sure.  Maybe that's just the disappointed fan in me that is afraid to expect anything good out of the Pirates anymore.

I think maybe what has really disheartened me this week is the fact that the Pirates organization is sticking with Pedro Alvarez on opening day.  He is NOT getting any better.  If he comes on strong and hits everything thrown his way then I will eat my words happily but I just can't see that happening.  Through March 27th he was hitting a horrible .135.

I completely understand that sending him down to Triple-A might give him a false sense of confidence if he has success but, how is having him continue this massive slump in the majors going to help at all?  I would think it would crush whatever mental strength he has left.  Maybe a little false self confidence will help.

I'm getting off topic here, I wanted to talk about the Pirates finishing over 500.  Even with this doubt floating around in my brain today I am sticking with my decision to say YES, they can.  I think that all the injuries last year that allowed some young guys to get big league experience is going to benefit them this season.  Guys like Alex Presley, Michael McKenry, and Josh Harrison (who hasn't officially made the roster yet) can take what they learned and help generate a few more defensive plays, hits, runs, and wins.

I also think the addition of Bedard and Burnett is going to generate at least a few more wins.  Were they the best available guys to help the Pirates.... no. But are they going to help them..... Yes.  They bring some experience that the Pirates just don't have.  If nothing else maybe they can help some of the rest of the pitching staff step up their game a little.

The Buccos may not finish the season by winning the World Series, however I do think they are going to finally end that horrible losing streak, even if its only by a game or two.

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