Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hines Ward

Well, the announcement just came that Hines Ward will be holding a news conference at noon today at Steelers headquarters.  My gut says this is a retirement announcement, but as with everything else my gut has been wrong.  When the Steelers released him it sent a shock wave through Steeler Nation, although it probably shouldn't have.  His playing time was drastically cut last year as younger guys stepped up their game.  I guess fans (myself included) thought the Steelers would let him leave on his own terms after all those years but as we have found in many situations in the past the Rooneys know best.

It seems that since he has been on the free agent market I have heard zero talk about him ending up anywhere (other than the spoof about him becoming a raven before he was even technically released).  Thats right guys, zero talk, zero rumors, zero buzz at all.  Other teams just haven't (publically) been interested.  Thats why I feel like this is a retirement annoucement. Perhaps if it is then Pittsburgh can find room for him on their coaching staff?  I guess we will find out at noon today!

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