Monday, March 19, 2012

Pens fall to Philly 3-2

Sundays game between the Pens and the Philadelphia Flyers started off fantastic the Pens jumped to an early lead and seemed to not look back..... until the third period.

The Pens started off dominating everything, they out shot the Flyers 27-10 in the first 2 periods, while at times it seemed like the Flyers forgot where they were trying to go with the puck.  They were rarely even near Marc-Andre Fleury.

Then the third period rolled around and I am not sure how on earth anyone could say it was the same Penguins team on the ice.  They got sloppy and it cost them a chance to catch up to the Rangers.  The only bright side is that going into overtime gave them a point despite the loss.

The real test is how they bounce back from this loss, they have to come back out strong and fight to catch and pass the Rangers and of course to stay ahead of the Flyers.

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