Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pens handle Rangers 5-2

Kris Letang returned to the ice tonight and rocked it with a +5 on the night.  Yea, that really happened.  Sidney Crosby also went back onto the ice tonight for about 16 or so minutes and set up Kunitz for a nice goal while finishing +3 on the night.  The story tonight should be both of those guys and their solid returns to the ice but guess what? Its not (although the media is still focused on Sid!).

The story tonight is Marc-Andre Fleury and his strong performance in goal.  Sure he let 2 goals get by him but some of the saves he made tonight were mind blowing.  His stick seemed to just shoot out of the sky to stop a shot while he was sprawled out on the ice.  It's been great seeing him playing solid hockey because we all know when he is in a slump.... he's really in a slump.

With the win tonight the Pens hit a 10 game winning streak..... lets keep it rolling right through the playoffs!

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