Saturday, March 17, 2012

Up and Coming Buccos!

Morning all! It's another beautiful day in the Pittsburgh area, we should take advantage of it while we can.  I wanted to take a minute today to discuss the Pirates..... more specifically a few youngsters that are displaying some talent in Spring Training, Starling Marte and Matt Hague.

Both of these guys are having solid outings at the plate.  Marte leads the team in homeruns and is batting a .500.  Hague has consistently stepped up to the plate and made contact, oh and did I mention he is right behind Marte with 2 HR's and a .429 batting average?  Another big thing that both are doing is collecting RBI's.  On a team that had nothing but trouble scoring runs in 2011, its great to see a few young guys helping push runs across the plate.

These are two guys that aren't going to be immediate starters but they are guys that are helping me buy in to the "team of the future" that we keep hearing about.  After the way injuries dominated the Pirates line up last season its great to have guys like this ready and waiting to help out. It makes me think more and more that I am going to be right on my prediction of finally having a winning season! Stop laughing.... it's going to happen.

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