Sunday, March 25, 2012

William Gay to the Cardinals

Earlier today William Gay tweeted that "I'm #birdgang now west coast" to let all of Steeler Nation know that he is headed to Arizona. My reaction was immediately "awesome, now I can unfollow this fool".  Yea, I don't care for him, never did.  Even when he made a great play I gave him credit for the play but stuck by my opinion that he is not even close to as good as he thinks he is (or a lot of other people think he is).  He was way to inconsistent for my liking so I guess you could say that I'm not heartbroken at all over this move.  I actually think it's a great opportunity for the Steelers.

There are a few young guys that could take this opportunity to really shine, Anthony Madison and Keenan Lewis jump to mind.  Sure they are young and unproven but could really make an impact here now that they may get the chance.  I'd also like to see what Ryan Mundy can do on the corner.  I think the Steelers have some options here, including the draft.

Good luck out there in Pittsburgh West Willy...... I hope you enjoy the weather a little before you realize that the grass isn't greener in Arizona.

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