Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Will we see Pedro on opening day?

After 2011 Pedro Alvarez really needed to come into Spring Training and show the Pirates that last year was a slump that he has worked his way out of.  From what I have seen so far he is still knee deep in slumpville.  Pedro is batting a .148 over 12 games with 11 strikeouts, the only bright spot in that is he has hit 2 homeruns. 

He hasn't been completely aweful defensively but when you look at what some of the guys who could take over at third base are doing during Spring Training you can't help but wonder why the Pirates would have him on their opening day roster.  He would be better off starting the season in Triple A Indianapolis working on getting that batting average up.  Lets be honest here folks the Pirates need bats in their lineup.  Thats not going to change over night so they really need to go with the better bat here. I really don't see Pedro stepping onto the field on opening day.

I have already mentioned several times I really like what Matt Hague brings to the plate, literally and figurtively as well as Josh Harrison.  Harrison already has a little experience with the Buccos, having started several games at third last season (among other locations) and while he wasn't brilliant, I will still take him over what I am seeing out of Alvarez.  Plus Harrison brings more of a threat on the basepath, he might generate an extra look from opposing pitchers and catchers, I like that too.

Just over 2 weeks left till opening day. 

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