Friday, March 16, 2012

Pirates offense alive?!?!

19 hits.  Yep, 19 hits in their 17-6 win over the Twins yesterday.  With all the excitement about Crosby and Letang returning to the ice I didn't even mention how crazy the Pirate hitters went!  The Buccos managed to throw together a 10 run first inning, I remember weeks.... maybe even months when the Pirates didn't score 10 total runs and now they did it in one inning.  That makes me very hopeful for what the season may hold.  Do I think they are going to win the World Series, no.  I do however think that we will pull off at least a 500 season. I said it, and I am going to hold firm on that..... a 500 season is coming our way.  Laugh now, its okay, I can take it.  If I am wrong I will suck it up and admit it, but when I am right I will make sure I remind you that for once I called it!

Realistically speaking the Pirates wont hit like this all the time, it is Spring Training after all.  What I like to see is the fact that having success early can help instill a confidence in them that will hopefully carry over into the regular season.  When they hit their mid season slump Manager Clint Hurdle can show a video of yesterdays great first inning and remind them that they really are capable of putting together exactly what they need to win games.

I'm crossing my fingers now..... it's going to be an interesting season!

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